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Your Executive
Assistant for Email.

Transform your cluttered inbox into a knowledge bank.


The traditional email system is overwhelmed by an influx of largely irrelevant communications, from newsletters to cold emails, burying the truly important messages. Unravel challenges this status quo by offering a smarter, more efficient way to manage your inbox.

Connect your email and let Unravel go to work.

Your email will be screened and anything you need to action will appear on your Kanban board.


Kristoffer Carrasco
Project go-ahead
Hey Sam - can you review and give me the go-ahead please?
Maxine Clarke
Invitation to Speak at the Annual Digital Marketing Summit
Dear Sam, we would be honored if you could join us as a speaker at the Annual Digital Marketing Summit this year. Your insights would be invaluable to our audience. Kind regards, Maxine Clarke, Summit Coordinator.
Sophia Bernard
Feedback on Recent Collaboration
Hi Sam, I wanted to extend my gratitude for your recent collaboration with us. Could we schedule a call to discuss feedback and possible future projects? Warmest regards, Sophia Bernard, Freelance Content Creator.


Alex Thompson
Approval Needed for New Campaign Imagery
Hi Sam, could you please review and approve the new campaign imagery by end of day Thursday? Cheers, Alex.
Jamie Smith
Budget Allocation for Q2 Marketing Campaigns
Dear Sam, please submit your budget request for Q2 marketing campaigns by next Monday. Sincerely, Jamie.


Unravel acts as your executive assistant for email, rethinking how you interact with your inbox. It scans your emails upon arrival, determining their importance. Only the emails deemed crucial are highlighted for your attention, distinguishing between those requiring immediate action and those that can wait.

Recognising that email serves as a multifunctional tool for tasks, document storage, notes, and calendar management, Unravel is designed to seamlessly integrate these functions into one cohesive platform.

With AI-powered search and chat features deeply integrated, Unravel provides contextual understanding to your queries, offering quick, precise responses. This is not just another add-on; it's a fundamental reimagining of email interaction.


Unravel is designed for knowledge workers inundated with emails, seeking an organised inbox without the manual effort. If achieving inbox zero seems unattainable, Unravel offers a practical, efficient solution to streamline your email management and enhance productivity.