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Unravel was borne out of frustration with the current way of working - receive an email, decide what needs to be done, create a task in another tool or mark it as unread if you need to come back to it. Over and over and over.

Then when it came time to do the work you'd have to find the information from your myriad of tools, collate it together in a doc, draft an email, attach the document, send it and mark it as done in your to-do list.

We thought there had to be a better way but couldn't find it - so we built it.

Unravel is where you get work done. Your email is intelligently filtered using AI to only show you what you need to see and classifies it by what you need to do now and what can wait awhile.

Your home screen in Unravel is your Kanban board - where you can see all your outstanding tasks and mails. Once you've done something just mark it as "Done" and it is removed.

Everything, including emails, tasks and notes are searchable through Unravels AI assistant. This lets you search for information across your personal knowledge bank using Natural Language. The assistant is available across Unravel meaning you can easily reference in other information when composing email, tasks or notes.

We're opening up our waitlist and will be onboarding users very soon. See more details at or click here to be amongst the first cohort of users.

I'm really excited about Unravel and where it is going - it has already been a huge time saver for me personally.

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